From 3d Zero to Hero in 1 day!

The only course you need to learn how to take your Archicad, Revit or Sketchup 3d basic models and turn them into beautiful photorealistic Exterior 3D renders with 3Ds Max and Corona Renderer in 1 day!

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Why do i need the 3d Zero to Hero in 1 day Course?

Learning a new skill is never an easy thing if you don't have access to the right teacher or guidance, and this is especially so in 3d Visualisation. The programs are very complicated to look at and work out by yourself.  (In-fact, the programs are so huge and complicated, we only use about 20% of the available functions day to day). 

This is why i have created '3d Zero to Hero in 1 day', to show you exactly what you need to know out of each of the programs and none of the unnecessary stuff! I'll show you exactly my workflow (we do hundreds of 3d's each year), how to build simple things in 3ds max, how to find materials, alter them and create beautiful lighting and everything else you need to know!  See lower down this page to see the course contents. I don't use big 'Viz' words to describe things or confuse you, we use simple examples and actually show you what you need to know. 

So, if you have ever wanted to better yourself, provide yourself with an additional income stream, service your existing clients better or gain new clients, then you need a clear and easy to follow, no-nonsense way to learn Photorealistic external 3d Renders.  If you are like me, you dont have 100's of hours to wade through countless tutorials, Youtube videos and Google webpages.

This is why I developed '3d Zero to Hero in 1 day'. Out of sheer frustration and having to do everything the long, hard way.

I just wish i had of had this course when I was first starting out!

Remember, you can study at your own time and pace whenever you want!

Thank you so much for the interest in my course and I look forward to working with you!

Wayne Densley - Director Threesixtydegrees Australia

No more confusing Youtube tutorials

Ok, lets get straight to it. Time is money and if you could learn in a few hours exactly how to create Photorealistic 3d models instead of getting half as good in 6 months of Googling/Youtube videos, you would, wouldn't you?

I've been there in the past, but most tutorials only show you parts of the process, not all by any means! Our course is the only complete course to get you from 3d Zero to Hero in 1 day!

Learn from an actual Australian 3d Company Owner

There's so many basic tutorials, Youtube videos and how to's on the web, but they only brush the surface of how-to create amazing photorealistic 3d renders. Most are created by non expert people trying to make a quick buck. This course is created by an Australian 3d Render company owner and designer who has spent hundreds of hours teaching himself to get to this level and to be able to create each 3d render quickly. And you can now learn it all in 1 day!

Build a profitable Business

I will teach you fast and efficiently how to quickly produce amazing Photorealitic 3d renders for your clients. By using our methods, we actually speed up the creation of 3ds so you can create more and thus sell more to your clients! More 3d renders produced each day equals more money coming in each day, Right?

Learn from the expert today, and start billing more tomorrow. 

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3D Zero to Hero in 1 day is perfect for .....


  • Give you and your company the edge over the competitors
  • Impress your clients with a photorealistic 3d for a DA or Construction set!
  • Make yourself  invaluable to your team!
  • Thinking in 3d allows you to pick up errors faster
  • Add photorealism to your Revit, Archicad or Sketchup skills!


  • Nail the Design process faster with the actual colours and materials incorporated right from the start
  • Clients are wanting more these days, Photorealism is now demanded, not just hoped for!
  • Charge more for your designs by adding in a photorealistic 3d Render at Design stage
  • You already know how to draw in 3d, why not make the 3ds amazing!

Interior Designers

  • Allow your clients to see exactly what their colour and material selections will look like prior to build! No more reliance on Colour boards and 2d line drawings!
  • You're trained already in  Archicad, Revit or Sketchup so give your clients a better view of their new home, in Photorealistic 3d!
  • This one day course will put you ahead of your competition!
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From no experience in Photorealistic 3d Renders to expert in a day!

Follow our Step by Step Course to understand exactly what you need to know to produce amazing renders, not only quickly, but efficiently also. You can then use our workflow to continously produce amazing renders one after another keeping your clients,  and your bank balance happy!

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Course Overview


  • 3ds Max and Corona Download and Install

  • Setup 3ds Max

  • Setup Corona Render

  • How to best draw in Archicad/Revit/Sketchup for 3ds Max

  • How to export Archicad/Revit/Sketchup Models into 3ds Max

  • Placing Initial House Model from Archicad/Revit/Sketchup into 3ds Max

Build in 3ds Max

  • Fences
  • Paths and Driveways
  • Grass Planes
  • Raised Landscaping Beds



  • Creating Lights and Lighting
  • Lighting Overview and Settings
  • Lighting Types



  • Sun and Shadows
  • HDRI Skies
  • Environment

3ds Max Basics

  • Building Simple Shapes in 3ds Max
  • Importing New Archicad/Revit/Sketchup objects after initial import
  • Grass Planes

  • Paths and Driveways

  • Group Imported House

  • Grouping Items and Objects

  • Movement in 3Ds Max

  • Scale

  • Placing Objects

  • Array

Cameras in 3ds Max

  • Creating, Setting, Locking and Moving Cameras


  • Viewport Overview and selection
  • Locking Viewport


  • Importing and Placing Vegetation
  • Creating Grass for your Grass Planes


  • Corona Scatter for Creating Grass and Pebble Areas


  • Using Corona Renderers in-built materials

  • Modifying Materials

  • How to work out and change texture scale

  • Adjusting Texture position

  • Basic Materials for every House 3d model

  • Basic Materials

  • Your Materials Folder
  • Changing Materials on one face of your model
  • Materials like Brick and Render
  • Using the Unwrap Modifier 
  • Normal Maps vs Bump Maps


  • External Forground Items
  • External Background Items
  • Furniture in the foreground and Background
  • Composition of the shot



  • Rendering Overview
  • Render Setup
  • Interactive Rendering
  • Network Rendering


  • Setting up a template to speed up your workflow
  • Build once then add to your template items

Modify Panel

  • Overview of the Modify Panel
  • The most commonly used functions in my workflow 

Material Editor

  • Overview of the Material Editor
  • How to create and save libraries of your most common materials to reuse each time.
  • How to set out your Material Library to speed up workflow
  • The most commonly used functions in my workflow

Post Production

  • Simple ways to give your images a Boost in Photoshop


  • Where to source quality models and items
  • Where to source Materials
  • Where to source Cars and whether to use them or not in your models

  • What not to look for in materials and models


Computer System

  • Organising your Hard Drive
  • Computer Specs
  • 1, 2 or 3 screens and how to use them!


Plus Much More!

We teach you exactly what you need to know to create photorealistic 3d renders in 1 day....

No more trawling through Youtube videos of people that may not even be experts! Learn from an actual 3d company owner who has devised his systems through thousands of hours of ACTUAL CLIENT WORK. This course teaches a no nonsense way to get you up and running with awesome results FAST.

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